Tourism Planning Group

Providing pragmatic planning, product development, marketing and business implementation advice to the tourism industry.

Funding Strategies

A strong tourism organisational structure is essential to developing and marketing a competitive destination. TPG works with stakeholders and existing organizations to develop structures that are designed to enhance collaboration and to strengthen the overall industry.

Funding Strategy Planning Projects

  • Big White Tourism, BC – preparation and submission of the 2% Municipal and Regional District Tax (MRDT) application to the Province (2012)
  • Lower North Thompson, BC – preparation and submission of the 2% MRDT application (2012)
  • Sunshine Coast, BC – assistance with the preparation of a region-wide 2% MRDT application (2011-12)
  • Tourism Wells Gray, BC - preparation and submission of 2% Additional Hotel Room Tax (AHRT) application (2010)
  • Tourism Vancouver Island, BC – implementation of a region-wide AHRT in the North Vancouver Island region (2008-09)
  • Tourism Mount Washington – preparation and submission of 2% AHRT application to BC Ministry of Finance (2009)